New opportunities in the age of big data

Data is one of the most precious resources of the digital future. Collecting and marketing it offers huge potential for OSRAM, since light sources and sensors can be used to collect and exploit a wide range of data. Here is a brief overview of current projects.

Optimizing the use of office space

Our working world is becoming increasingly mobile. While modern technology allows us to work remotely and thereby enjoy greater flexibility, underused office space causes unnecessary rental and energy costs. Studies have shown that the average workstation is occupied just 50 percent of the time. As a result, the importance of utilizing space effectively is growing for building operators and renters. Detailed data regarding the use of office space is becoming crucial. Light management sensors are capable of providing this information.

The Digital Systems Business Unit launched a relevant pilot project at the Garching location in Germany, where people counters, together with presence detectors mounted on ceilings or desks, measure how many people are using which workstations and when. The data is collected in the cloud and analyzed. The aggregated data can then be accessed using a web application.

Intelligent data collection through artificial intelligence

The Corporate Innovation department is currently working on a solution for similar applications. The project aims to develop learning-capable technologies that use artificial intelligence to continuously optimize the collection software behind the scenes. This will enable it to collect and analyze increasingly more precise data. The presence detectors in the setup use deep neural networks, which are the latest technological standard in artificial intelligence.

Electronic, camera-based sensors can then identify people’s location securely and in an anonymized fashion. In department stores, for example, it would be possible to trace what path individual customers take or determine shopping behavior based on gender and age. In parking garages, the sensors could display how many cars are parked in a certain area, while showing where there are available parking spaces.

Light on demand

The fast pace of digitalization is also a starting point for business models. Whatever is considered stateof- the-art technology today can be obsolete tomorrow. The Lighting Solutions Business Unit is therefore working as part of a team on a “pay-for-use” model for smart light. The idea: OSRAM provides connected lights, together with an intelligent software solution. Billing is based on the amount of light that is actually used. Dutch software specialist Tvilight, which OSRAM has been invested in since late 2016, is an expert on this kind of intelligent light management software.

Customer interaction in retail of the future

Together with Lighting Solutions, Einstone is working on circulating a solution for bricksand- mortar stores. The goal: to appeal to customers directly and to make a detailed analysis of shopping behavior. To this end, app-based software is linked to special transmitters in a shop’s lights. The advantage of this is that retailers can provide their customers with location-based services and customized advertisements, which are played on customers’ smartphones via the app. In return, the retailer benefits from extensive information about shopping behavior. OSRAM entered into the right strategic partnership for this project as well by joining forces with the Swiss software company beaconsmind.


Data protection as a competitive factor

Entering digital business areas means we will be collecting “smart” – and therefore highly sensitive – data in the future. “We are stepping into a jungle of data, turning data protection into a key competitive factor for our customers. We are well positioned to handle this, though we won’t rest on our laurels,” underlines Barbara Schmitz, Head of Corporate Data Protection.

Investing in digital sales and communication channels

New digital technologies call for new ways of interacting with customers, which is why we use various channels, such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, to make contact with our customers.

But we are doing even more here by laying the groundwork in e-commerce. Around one-quarter of our business partners’ sales is currently generated through the “My OSRAM” shopping portal, which harbors great potential. A new e-commerce concept for business partners will help tap into it. The vision for this concept is to provide perfect navigation and personalized ads that make online shopping as convenient and efficient as possible in just a few clicks.