The color blue

We will be assigning a color from the light spectrum to each issue of the new Prism. Learn more about the color concept and the current focus color: blue.

Each issue of the new Prism will feature one focus topic. It will deal with issues that are relevant to every employee. We will examine the topic just like we would a prism, which is to say, from different angles, by looking at all of its facets. And to help the focus topic stand out visually, it will receive its own color from the light spectrum in each issue.

Digitalization: focus color blue

Why did we choose the color blue for the first issue of Prism, which focuses on the topic of digitalization? Blue is considered the color of innovation. It inspires creativity and finding new strategies for solutions. Canadian researchers were able to identify these effects in experimental cognitive tests. The researchers had their subjects complete various cognitive tests on a computer. The monitor's background was sometimes blue, sometimes red and sometimes white. The tests showed that the color blue enhanced creativity and fueled innovative ideas. The researchers concluded that blue fosters a sense of security, which encourages people to think outside the box.

More interesting facts about the color blue:

  • Blue light has a wavelength of 430 nm to 490 nm.
  • Blue is the favorite color of both women and men in Germany.
  • Blue is considered a typical business color. Many companies and brands use blue in their corporate designs to inspire trust and confidence.
  • Blue is used in color therapy to treat migraines, sore throats, febrile illnesses and backaches.
  • In oriental countries, doors and windows are painted blue to attract good spirits and gods.
  • Even the ancient Egyptians wore blue jewelry, which they believed had healing powers.
  • In China, blue symbolizes the power of the heavens and immortality.