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Of light and lettuce

He is a man of conviction who fills with enthusiasm whenever he talks about "smart farming" - the cultivation of crops and ornamental plants through intelligently controlled artificial light. more »

The color green

We assign a color from the light spectrum to each issue of Prism. Learn more about the color concept and the current focus color: green. more »

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Why is the “why” so important?

This question interests and busies Simon Sinek in both his professional life and private life. His belief: It is important for individuals and organizations to start with “Why”. more »


What drives us, Mr. Berlien?

In this interview with Prism, our CEO, Dr. Olaf Berlien, answers the question “Why?”, explains the power of our light and reveals what opportunities it holds in store for the future. more »

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More than just light

OSRAM transforms light into more than just illumination. We use the almost endless possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Our innovations enable people all over the world to see, communicate, travel and live better. more »

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A car that glides through traffic by itself is probably one of the most popular science fiction fantasies of all time. Michael Rosenauer and Jörg Strauß are working to make the vision of self-driving cars a reality − with success. OSRAM lighting solutions, such as infrared lights, optical semiconductors, laser lights and sensors, play a key role in mobility of the future. more »

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Driving in a car on the freeway at night or riding a bike on a dark path through the park − these familiar situations are uncomfortable for many people. However, there is a solution: light. After all, light means being able to see, and being able to see properly means a safe trip. more »

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Imagine this: You enter a department store. Your smartphone springs to action to let you know that there is a clearance sale on your favorite brand and you will enjoy an extra 20 percent discount. Thanks to “Einstone” – a localization and positioning system from OSRAM for indoor applications – this scenario is pos­sible. Henry Feil and his colleague Benjamin Brudnjak are excited by the new solution’s possibilities. more »

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Wide awake!

Light lifts spirits – something we notice when the sun comes out again ­after long, dark winter days. But light does more than “just” make ­people happy − light also impacts our health, as many biological processes depend on it. The importance of human centric lighting therefore continues to grow. more »

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An eye on the mission at all times

Karl Gabl (70), Austrian meteorologist and mountain climber, helps high-altitude mountaineers across the world on their expeditions by providing free weather forecasts. more »

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Explaining my job to my kids

“What do you actually do at work?” Three colleagues with jobs in the fields of Safety & Security, Well-being & Health and Connection provide answers to their children’s not-so-easy question. more »

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“Your child needs sun”: OSRAM promotes the benefits of UV lamps as light sources that mimic the radiation of the sun in an ad campaign from the 1930s. more »

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A recipe for growth

In collaboration with Michigan State University, OSRAM is conducting research into new ways of cultivating plants in buildings more efficiently and more economically. In an interview with Prism Project Manager David Hamby talks about vertical farming, light recipes and business opportunities for OSRAM. more »

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We want to ask our readers: How do you like the new Prism? more »