More than just light

OSRAM transforms light into more than just illumination. We use the almost endless possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Our innovations enable people all over the world to see, communicate, travel and live better.


We enable convenient and safe travel, as the volume of traffic continues to rise. Our technologies provide the basis for self-driving cars, vans, and trucks, efficient traffic guidance systems, and also ensure that logistics operations improve in tune with global requirements. We enable transport to run smoothly, even in urban centers. more »

Safety & Security

Light is a key technology for safety and security – for example for personal data, for road traffic, and for emergency ­services and the security sector. Invisible light provides security in access technologies. Visible light provides safety on the roads and in cities. With light, we are helping businesses, authorities and citizens to increase safety and security. more »


We turn light into the carrier of communication for a modern society. Our ­technologies provide people with the best possible experiences and ideal conditions for living, working, and learning – wherever they are. We are driving interconnectivity and the Internet of Things forward by enabling smart applications to be run on existing infrastructure. more »

Well-being & Health

Light is a source of vitality, and we explore this energy to allow people to live healthier lives. This includes designing suitable lighting for increasing productivity and the enjoyment of life. As a result, our lighting technologies help protect and maintain good health, create new ways of accessing medical support, and make it possible to live self-determined and confidently. more »

In our online game, we showcase select applications to explain how light is facilitating mobility, increasing safety and security, creating connections, and boosting well-being and health. Put more simply, we are showing how light is improving people’s lives.