Imagine this: You enter a department store. Your smartphone springs to action to let you know that there is a clearance sale on your favorite brand and you will enjoy an extra 20 percent discount. Thanks to “Einstone” – a localization and positioning system from OSRAM for indoor applications – this scenario is pos­sible. Henry Feil and his colleague Benjamin Brudnjak are excited by the new solution’s possibilities.

Einstone is an OSRAM solution that enables a wide variety of location-specific services. In order for it to work, little Bluetooth low-energy transmitters are integrated in the existing lighting technology. If someone with the corresponding app on their smartphone, tablet or smartwatch approaches, their device receives Einstone’s signal. Through the app, it is possible to send tailored information or offers that fit with the user’s current location.

“We received excellent backing from management and had great collaboration across divisions.” Henry Feil, Head of R&D Smart Positioning Solutions

The project, which was launched by a start-up within OSRAM, has pressed ahead with the idea all the way to market maturity. Henry Feil and his team recognized the solution’s potential very early on and have been instrumental in Einstone’s development from the outset. “We received excellent backing from management and had great collaboration across divisions,” he says, recapping the process.


At the moment, retail is Einstone’s main area of application. The technology is already in use in 23 shops of the Swiss retailer Bollag-Guggenheim Fashion Group, including shops by Marco Polo, Guess and The Gallery. Einstone’s ­success was quickly apparent, having demonstrably boosted sales, turnover and customer loyalty. OSRAM was even named “Top Supplier Retail 2017” for this joint project with Bollag-Guggenheim.

“Solutions like Einstone make our lives a whole lot easier.” Benjamin Brudnjak, Product Manager at Digital Systems

“It is easy of course to imagine many more applications for this technology,” says Einstone product manager Benjamin Brudnjak. “For example, it could serve as a navigation system in complex office buildings and extend all the way to ­asset tracking in hospitals or high-bay warehouses. With Einstone, we are ­connecting the real world with the digital realm. Doing so makes our everyday routines for many things easier and more efficient.”


  • Greater brand loyalty
  • Higher sales
  • Greater brand recognition
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More detailed information about shopping behavior