Already ­networked today?

Having a profile on LinkedIn, Xing and similar sites is almost taken for granted today. These platforms make it possible to network across industries. However, networking inside and not just outside your company is extremely important. Only those people who think outside the box and reject silo mentality will expand their horizons. Learning from colleagues with more experience or from other departments, asking questions and lending a hand are easy ways to open up new career opportunities and increase awareness for the employer. Here are a few ideas about how networking boosts professional life.

Keep objectives in sight

Ask yourself what you want to achieve and what you expect from your contacts. Specify what objectives you hope to accomplish through networking. By doing so, you will stay focused on what is important, such as planning your career, improving collaboration or sharing knowledge.

Quality over quantity

It is the quality, not the quantity of your contacts that counts. People who take a targeted approach to networking and are prepared to get involved will save time and be able to find the right contact more quickly. This includes ­targeting people who are pursuing goals that are similar to yours and colleagues who have already made it to where you see yourself in the future.

Find a mentor or become one yourself

With the right person to champion your cause, your ideas will perhaps become a full-fledged reality through cross-departmental collaboration. OSRAM offers a mentoring program for this purpose. Anyone can look for a mentor worldwide. The mentors possess experience and know-how that will help you advance in your career. You also have the option to become a mentor yourself and lend support to others.

Keep in touch

Networking within the company entails grooming relationships, which means it is necessary to stay in touch with your contacts. Take the time for this, because by doing so, you will strengthen and maintain your relationships.

Be genuine

If you want to be taken seriously, you should not try to pass yourself off as something more than you are. Be honest and be yourself − it’s the best policy.

Networking is not a one-way street

Whether virtually or in person, you should cultivate your contacts, take a proactive approach, engage in dialog and provide support wherever it is needed. Doing so enables you to constantly expand your network. At the same time, both sides benefit from exchanging their experiences, because knowledge in­creases by sharing it. Give before you take, as the saying goes.

Trust is the ­foundation

Be trustworthy and dependable, because your contacts will measure you by how well you keep your promises. Instead of quickly saying yes to all requests, you should consider whether you want to be involved and can keep up with the commitment. Showing reliability creates trust.

More information about the ­mentoring program is available on the intranet.

Miriam Albers, Contract Manager at Specialty Lighting and OSRAM Connector


“Achieving more together” is the mission that the four global talents Bastian July, Monika Eldracher, Thomas Filz and Vito Latini set for themselves when they launched OSRAM Connectors in early 2017. The aim is to network employees across departments in order to help them share ideas and make better use of synergies in the effort to facilitate new innovations. Prism asked Miriam Albers, who recently became an OSRAM Connector, about her initial impressions.



The networking platform will not become available until 2018. So for right now, people who are interested can register by email. We are already seeing a lot of interest. Anyone can get involved.



OSRAM has changed a great deal in recent years. The platform will make it easier in the future to track these changes and engage in dialog about work-related matters with other colleagues from other departments or locations. You simply think outside the box and learn a lot in the process.


I have been able to engage in dialog with new and more experienced colleagues across departments and collect a number of ideas for my own work. This network can help employees get over their shyness. I am now much more open to questions from others and have the courage to ask my own.

Interested in becoming an OSRAM Connector? Go ahead and apply!