Investing in the future

Digitalization offers us considerable potential for innovation and growth. With several strategic acquisitions and investments last year, OSRAM has been seizing this opportunity and strengthening its business, which makes us more flexible and competitive. 




OSRAM’s venture capital arm, Fluxunit, has acquired a stake in the agrilution start-up, which has developed a smart indoor growing box. It serves as a salad, vegetable and herb garden for the home with intelligently controlled light from OSRAM. The smart home appliance identifies the seeds that have been planted and provides an ideal growing environment by automatically regulating temperature, watering, and lighting conditions



Fluxunit has acquired a stake in the beaconsmind start-up which offers smart software to retailers. The internal OSRAM start-up Einstone supplies intelligent beacons – smart transmitters that can be integrated into light installations – while beaconsmind provides the customized software for them. The joint solution enables retailers to create a digital, personalized approach to customers – for example via special offers on a customer’s smartphone. Retailers can therefore optimize their product portfolio, customer communications and, ultimately, the shopping experience.



Fluxunit has acquired a stake in the Blickfeld start-up. The company, founded in 2016, develops laser-based 3D sensors, known as LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging). The sensors supply high-resolution, 3D environmental data for autonomous systems, especially for self-driving cars. The innovative technology makes LiDAR suitable for the mass market in cars and opens up huge potential in the growing market of autonomous driving.



We will see an ever-closer fusion of lighting, electronics, and sensor applications in vehicles. In order to pick up on this trend we are planning a joint venture with the automotive supplier Continental in the next fiscal year. The goal is to develop, manufacture and market intelligent lighting solutions for the automotive industry. The two partners will each have a 50 percent stake in the joint venture, which will be called OSRAM Continental GmbH. The aim is to generate annual sales in the mid triple-digit million euro range with a workforce of around 1,500 and 17 locations worldwide. The headquarters are set to be located in the Munich area.


Digital Lumens

The acquisition of Digital Lumens will enable OSRAM to expand its business with digital lighting solutions and add to its expertise in software, sensors and connectivity. The Digital Lumens software platform can be used to run applications covering everything from intelligent lighting control, energy use, and security systems to the measurement of environmental parameters. Plans are in place to integrate some of OSRAM’s existing digital services – like Einstone – into the platform.



OSRAM has acquired a strategic 25.1 percent share in LeddarTech. The company develops proprietary LiDAR technology for self-driving cars and driver assistance systems. OSRAM is already the world’s leading provider of sensor lights for autonomous vehicles and is experiencing a steady increase in demand in this field. The investment in LeddarTech is as a logical step on the way to becoming the leading provider of solutions in this field.


LED Engin

OSRAM has acquired LED Engin, which specializes in ultra-bright, ultra-compact solid state lighting solutions for a variety of specialty markets, including entertainment lighting, ultraviolet, horticulture, tunable white and medical lighting applications. Integrated into the professional and industrial applications section of the Specialty Lighting Business Unit, LED Engin is an ideal addition to the existing technology portfolio and opens up new opportunities for offering solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs.



OSRAM has acquired the business operations of Maneri-Agraz, based in Houston, Texas. The company is a national provider of energy-efficient lighting solutions in commercial and industrial facilities. Maneri-Agraz is part of Sylvania Lighting Solutions (SLS), which is a segment of the Lighting Solutions Business Unit. OSRAM is strengthening its service business in the USA with this acquisition.