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Getting closer to the customer

OSRAM is working on a new and improved online shop for its business customers. Mark Gee is relying on agile methods like the ones used at start-ups. more »

The color yellow

We assign a different color of the spectrum to each issue of Prism. Find out more about the color concept and the current focus color of yellow. more »

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Digital opportunities

In this age of digital cameras and image processing, technical know-how is becoming more and more important. Modern technology is essentially turning everyone into a photographer, but there are some things that you can’t get at the touch of a button, and that’s a trained eye and the idea behind a motif. more »

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Shopping – but not as we know it

Digitalization has radically changed the way we shop. Companies need to respond and adapt to the needs of their customers. And OSRAM is among those paving the way in digital sales. more »

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“It is up to us what we make of them”

OSRAM is making its sales fit for the digital future. What does this mean for the employees? An interview with Christine Hufnagel, Global Sales Management. more »

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More time for customers

Marcel de Boer, Vice President Digital Customer Experience at Schaeffler on modern customer care. more »

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Gathering opinions

What are the opportunities that digital sales has to offer us? Where do we stand today? We have gathered some opinions from various parts of our company. more »

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Agility in digital sales

The Next Generation Sales (NGS) project teams use the advantages of agile methods: customer focus, flexibility and team spirit. more »

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Digital shopping

OSRAM is investing in its digital sales infrastructure because business customers also have high expectations of their online purchasing experience. more »

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Traveling light

The demands on sales teams are changing radically – and go digital. more »

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Letter from the Management Board

Why the path to digital distribution is now coming at the right time. more »