Gathering opinions

What are the opportunities that digital sales has to offer us? Where do we stand today? We have gathered some opinions from various parts of our company.

“Our customers should be happy to work with us and our employees for us – digitalization of sales is essential in both respects. Because a functioning, transparent system facilitates collaboration and is a decisive factor for our digital transformation. This is not an option, but an essential element on the path to becoming the world’s leading high-tech photonics company.” DR. OLAF BERLIEN OSRAM-CEO
“Nobody wants change for the sake of change. Digitalization in sales – which is the purpose of the NGS project – is a big change for OSRAM. And it starts in people’s minds. At the end it has to make sense for everyone. The objective must be clear and improvements noticeable – for employees as well as customers.” MICHAEL PLEUSER Lead Workstream Change Management
“With the institutionalization of our Digital Sales team in December 2018 and the use of Salesforce, we have already taken a major step toward Next Generation Sales. The launch of OSRAM Xchange is an important building block in our digital sales strategy. This allows us to understand and serve our customers even better.” GERNOT STEINLESBERGER Head of Digital Systems EMEA
“Our newly implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool from Salesforce helps us to collect, manage, use and share information within our community, which creates a 360° view of our customers. Using a CRM tool allows us to focus on our most important customer needs to accelerate our business.” LARS FRINGS Lead Workstream Customer Relationship Management
“Changing markets and tougher competition require new sales strategies. Account managers will focus more on identifying customer needs and leading the OSRAM organization toward profitable solutions. Time-consuming routine tasks will be automated. The complete availability of information and data for customers and the sales team is key. Efficient digitalization is mandatory for this change.” INGRID LANZL Global Key Account Manager Automotive
“At OS we have been using Salesforce since 2018 to digitalize the sales processes. A further highlight was the launch of the new eCommerce platform. Soon we will reach another outstanding milestone when we are able to map our entire sales process for the first time, from campaign start to order intake.” THORSTEN KUNZ Customer Experience Manager Opto Semiconductors