Letter from the Management Board

Why the path to digital distribution is now coming at the right time.

Dear Colleagues,

OSRAM is currently very much the focus of investors and the media. The past few weeks and months have been packed with takeover offers, constant speculation and numerous reports. We are aware that this intense scrutiny has led to uncertainty and worry among some of you. We have responded, and will continue to respond, with continuous updates to keep you informed. Since we are in an ongoing process of transformation, we will also need to adjust to many changes in the future – including reports in the media. In this environment, however, we must not lose sight of what is most important: our business, our transformation to a high-tech photonics player and above all our customers.

For this reason, the current edition of “Prism” focuses on our sales, which we intend to make fit for the digital future. With our group-wide Next Generation Sales (NGS) project, we have already taken the first steps. That is important because companies that fully digitalize their sales are more powerful and more financially successful. The pioneers of digital sales have achieved greater sales growth and greater profitability than other companies. With NGS, we are creating the necessary infrastructure. The aim here is to open up additional sales channels, gain optimum access to our customers, including via new routes, and improve our business results. The project will help us identify the needs of our customers even better, to remain competitive and to continue with even greater energy and commitment on our path to becoming a high-tech photonics company.

The interest in our company should not worry us; instead, it should strengthen us: It shows that we are on the right track and that others have great confidence in us. OSRAM is a strong global brand and is ideally positioned in terms of its technology. We have in-depth knowledge of the market and good customer relations. Let us improve them even further with NGS.

We have smart people working for us in the right fields and with plenty of passion – as you can see in the latest edition of “Prism”. Happy reading!


Best regards

Dr. Olaf BerlienIngo BankDr. Stefan Kampmann