Traveling light

The demands on sales teams are changing radically – and go digital.

When modern sales staff go on their travels, they always pack a tablet or a laptop in their luggage – face-to-face visits with customers are essential even in this digital age. But the demands on sales teams have changed radically. Everything is digital, even the paths to customers and the ways in which products are presented. A few years ago things were much more hands on at OSRAM.

Back in 2006 a whole series of demo cases were designed so that sales teams could present the new LED technology to customers. Today, this technology is a mainstay of any lighting system, but back then it had to be made palatable for customers. Even in the OSRAM sales department itself, there was a lot of convincing to do before the first 20 demo cases could be handed over to European sales staff. The various flexible lighting strips, the Dragon Puck system and the color-changing LED strips were packed in a lightweight aluminum case tailor- made by a company specializing in trade fair exhibit design and presentation.