Everyday heroes

Openness, Passion for Performance, Ability to Change, Risk-taking, Empowerment: Which of these culture values are we already living? And which ones should we  embrace more often? We asked around in the world of OSRAM and surveyed everyday heroes.

Which superhero is inside you?

Nitin Tewari, Marketing Manager in Gurgaon, India


“The value I live most is passion for ­performance. The work required to meet major goals can only happen when you love what you do. You have to bring passion to what you do – every single day.”

Christel Andrzejak, Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator in Madrid, Spain


“As a French native with experience abroad in various countries, I always had to adapt myself to new cultures. This is also what I live in my daily work life – the ability to change. In my job and in general at OSRAM, you need to be open-minded and adapt to change. I think the ability to change is key in life and especially at OSRAM where we work in an international environment.”

Fauziah Yaakob, Process Associate Engineer in Kulim, Malaysia


“Openness is what I live most – because we need to be able to give and ­receive feedback from each other to improve together.”

Borislav Chernev, Procurement Controlling & Data Analyst in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


“I see myself reflected mostly in passion for performance – day in and day out. The strive for improvement is my core inner motivation which leads me daily. Also in overall OSRAM, I sense and ­personally like the attitude for setting high goals.”

Dr. Olaf Berlien, CEO


“It is important to me in my role as CEO to empower my employees. The freedom to make decisions promotes dedication and boosts satisfaction.”


Mario Kirschning, Deputy Shift Manager in Regensburg, Germany


“For me, a passion for performance is crucial. As deputy shift manager I am responsible for ensuring that all the requirements are met and everything runs smoothly. I also see this passion for performance a lot among my colleagues. Everyone gives 100 percent and even more, because everyone wants do their job well.”

Which superhero do you see the most in your everyday work?

Shokrollah Norali-Ghasemi, Business Development Manager in Garching, Germany


“For me it’s the ability to change. Most of us have adapted very well to the modern world and the demands of the market – in  every respect. Our engineers are now developing digital products that no one in the lighting industry could have anticipated only a few years ago.”

Lidia Perez, Human Resources Director in Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico


“Passion for performance is the value that I observe the most – colleagues willing to do their best, committed and accountable. I also sense that we are driving the values ability to change and empowerment.”

Elrae Rodriguez Mejia, Manufacturing Specialist in Kulim, Malaysia


“Openness is what I encounter most frequently. As I am new to the company, I am still very inexperienced. This culture of openness allows me to approach anyone, even if it is a manager or a higher level personnel to seek clarification on things that I am unsure of. I find this very helpful for me.”

Greta Bartulyte, Project Manager in Molsheim, France


“For me, the value that is most lived at OSRAM is empowerment. Before coming to OSRAM two and a half years ago, I have never been so encouraged to take initiatives, trust my own judgement and basically act as a ‘mini entrepreneur’. Thanks to inspiring people at local ­management in France, I have become a confident young professional.”

Ingo Bank, CFO


“I am constantly impressed by the passion for performance that our employees show every day for our business and how willing they are to go the extra mile for OSRAM. That makes me very proud.”

Siti Junaida Rahman, Manufacturing Specialist in Penang, Malaysia


“Within OSRAM I constantly experience change. We all need to adapt and show the ability to change – but that makes our job interesting and challenging.”

Which superheroes should we see more often?

Chung Yan Fiona Mak, Commodity Business Manager in Regensburg, Germany


“We are open to different cultures and we have the passion for performance. In general, we at OSRAM adapt to changes easily but we are less willing to take risk.”

César Campos, Sales Manager in Carnaxide, Portugal


“Sometimes we still lack the value of openness. I think a high capacity of openness and good communication between managers and employees throughout the whole company are crucial to the success of OSRAM. Managers and leaders play a very important role here – they have the power to inspire and spread culture to all employees with good examples.”



Mohd Firdaus Bin Mohd Zain, Senior Manufacturing Specialist in Penang, Malaysia


“For me, values such as openness, ­passion for performance and the ability to change are already very evident in my operations. Maybe empowerment can be improved. However, due to the nature of my work as a manufacturing specialist, I think this might be limited as I need to follow standard operating procedures.”

Vineeta Sharma, Head of Tax Americas in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA


“We deliver high quality work, are not afraid of taking risks and demonstrate a willingness to change. I think we can do better in empowering our employees by giving them more tools and resources to excel.”



Stefan Kampmann, CTO


“We need to develop even more products and solutions. Only this way can we fulfil our mission and improve people’s lives. Achieving this mission calls for even greater courage and openness to seize the opportunities that digitalization offers us.”




Swee Koon Chew, Head of Business Administration Sales Asia in Penang, Malaysia


“We are living all these values, and we are still trying to do it better. Nevertheless, there are opportunities to do better in openness and risk-taking.”

Wanted: stories about ­heroes

We have already introduced a few everyday heroes in this issue of Prism. But we know that there are many more superheroes working at OSRAM who contribute to our com­pany’s success day after day. We are looking for their stories – and we need your help: Do you know any ­colleagues who impress you with their special dedication? Colleagues who practice our culture values in an ­inspiring way? If so, tell us!

We will publish all of the stories that we receive at ­prism@osram.com by December 31, 2018, on the OSRAM Global Intranet. Afterwards, all employees worldwide will be asked for their input: You will be able to vote on which hero story you like best on the intranet and help your favorite to become the winner. He or she will be thrilled to receive a T-shirt, hoodie and pair of sneakers from the new OSRAM collection, which will be available early next year.

What to do: Simply send us a brief description of the story of your superhero and how he or she practices our culture values in his or her day-to-day work to prism@osram.com.