Javier Rojas has two passions: drawing and horses. He combines both with his pencil – and creates works of art with incredible attention to detail.

“Horses simply fascinate me.”

Javier Rojas,
Design engineer at Digital Systems in Canada

Javier Rojas has his own unique method to help him concentrate better: sketching – ideally horses. “It also helps me organize my thoughts at work sometimes,” he says. The pencil drawings have often helped the design engineer to come up with good ideas – after all, his job requires a great deal of creativity when it comes to designing components for light management systems. Sometimes these quick sketches even turn into major projects later on – drawing projects. Javier works on these drawings in his spare time with incredible patience and attention to detail.

He needed almost a year and a half to complete a horse’s head once. “I just really love creating extremely subtle shading and crafting tiny, lifelike details that pop off the paper,” Javier says. To achieve such a sculptural effect, he has to be extremely careful. Erasing a mistake just one centimeter in size could mean destroying two hours’ worth of work.

Even from an early age in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, Javier loved to draw. He started out sketching comic figures and then began drawing animals – especially horses – once he turned twelve. “They’ve simply fascinated me ever ­since I started going to horse races as a young boy with my grandfather,” the 44-year-old says. The amateur artist taught himself how to draw. Extremely crisp photos serve as the templates for his images, and he uses pencils with a wide range of strengths. “I don’t need color. I prefer the interplay of black, white and gray,” Javier says. He gives away his art to friends. Javier’s wife and their daughters – eight and six years old – are not very happy about that. That is why Javier made an exception and painted a rhino, a monkey, a lion and a giraffe on the wall in his children’s room, and in color no less. He has also promised a drawing just for the family. It will be a horse, of course!