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OSRAM along for the ride

No matter where you look in a car, you will find lights. Their possible applications are immense. Several examples show the many different ways that our products manufactured by employees across the world are used. more »

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The problem-solvers

What advantages does an in-house business consultancy, such as OSRAM Business Consulting (OBCON), offer compared to external consulting heavyweights like McKinsey? And what do the working methods look like in practice? Andrew Troup, OBCON project manager, and Bodo Ischebeck, head of the Emitter Laser Sensor Business Segment at Opto Semiconductors (OS), take stock of their collaboration. An interview about teamwork, perspectives and the art of lateral thinking. more »

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Warning, faux pas!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do ... Many preconceptions persist, but some cultural practices can quickly turn into real pitfalls for business travelers. We have put together a small selection of some favorite – and curious – blunders from around the world. more »

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We want to ask our readers: How do you like the new Prism? more »