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OSRAM in 2037

The future starts now! Our video shows what light might be able to do and what digital life might look like with OSRAM in the year 2037. more »

The color blue

We will be assigning a color from the light spectrum to each issue of the new Prism. Learn more about the color concept and the current focus color: blue. more »

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The lumen revolution

Trend researcher and futurist Matthias Horx on the opportunities and risks of the digitalization of light. more »

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Visions of the future for OSRAM

OSRAM aims to seize the opportunities of digitalization. Employees from all business areas are working on smart visions to make this a reality. An overview. more »

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Pioneer of digital light

Digitalization is creating entirely new paths and possibilities, and its potential for our company’s core business is huge. What all will be possible with light in the future? Our journey of discovery took us to Garching, Germany, where Gerhard Maierbacher is working on a smart vision. more »

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All just science fiction?

Tablets, androids and other gadgets: Inventions that were once just surreal ideas from the history of film have now long since become an integral part of everyday life. more »

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What does our path into the digital future look like?

Where do we stand today? Where are we headed? We spoke to colleagues worldwide to get a look ahead at the digital future of our company. more »

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A matter of attitude

Digitalization is more than just another piece of new technology. It is the future of our company. more »

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Welcome to digital life

From the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed, our everyday contact with digital products and applications continues to grow, and many of these moments already feature innovations from OSRAM. more »

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New opportunities in the age of big data

Data is one of the most precious resources of the digital future. Collecting and marketing it offers huge potential for OSRAM, since light sources and sensors can be used to collect and exploit a wide range of data. Here is a brief overview of current projects. more »

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An internal look

Through digitalization, not only are we striking out in new directions in terms of business, but we are also changing within the company. An update on our progress and a look ahead. more »

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The electronic brains are coming

Our treasure from the archive reveals just how closely the fears and visions of past generations resemble the debate over digitalization. more »

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“The potential is huge”

Is the future really going to be dominated by Industry 4.0? How are new technologies changing the relationship between humans and machines? An interview with Herbert Jenik, Corporate Innovation. more »

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We want to ask our readers: How do you like the new Prism? more »