Welcome to digital life

From the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed, our everyday contact with digital products and applications continues to grow, and many of these moments already feature innovations from OSRAM.

7:05 am
Checking the smartphone


When we wake up, the first thing we do is reach for the smartphone, which is protected by secure access, of course. One of the most reliable methods is the iris scan. Using infrared light, the device illuminates the eye and compares a picture of the iris with the pattern saved on a file.

8:20 am
The morning jog to the office

THE OSRAM APPLICATION: Sensors in the wearable

Time to pull on the running shoes and fitness tracker, and head off into a fresh new day! A small sensor in the wearable measures certain bodily functions, such as heart rate and blood oxygen level.

09:45 am
At the workplace

THE OSRAM APPLICATION: Smart light control

Once we arrive at the office, sensors detect our presence and the lights automatically turn on. The option to control the lighting using a PC, tablet or smartphone is just as smart and convenient.

THE OSRAM APPLICATION: Biodynamic lighting

Lighting that mimics the natural stimulus of daylight over the course of a day keeps our spirits and level of productivity high. The secret to success is ensuring the right kind of light at the right time of day. Dynamic light, in other words, perfectly supports our biorhythm in terms of the appropriate progression of brightness and light color. While a high proportion of blue light has an energizing effect in the morning, a warmer reddish light is ideal in the evening.

5:40 pm
A stroll through the city

THE OSRAM APPLICATION: Smart street lighting

Einstone transmitters integrated in LED street luminaires in the city center facilitate the use of location-based services. When paired with an app, this setup sends tips on leisure activities or offers from local retailers straight to our smartphones.

6:51 pm
The drive home


Customizable lighting for the interior of a car ensures a pleasant atmosphere. Users can control brightness and light color using their smartphones and even set it to match their favorite music.

THE OSRAM APPLICATION: Intelligent front headlights

High-resolution front headlights ensure that the light adapts perfectly to its surroundings. Camera sensors are able to detect oncoming vehicles or vehicles driving ahead and control light distribution in a way that prevents other drivers from being dazzled.

8:34 pm
An evening of gaming with friends

THE OSRAM APPL ICATION: Gesture recognition

It is no problem anymore to have fun with friends around a game console without the need for any physical controllers, all thanks to gesture control. The basis for this is a gaming area perfectly illuminated by infrared components so that camera sensors are able to easily detect even the smallest facial or body movements and replicate them on the screen.


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