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Our values

A living corporate culture is based on shared values. Seven colleagues show how they are bringing their teams and OSRAM forward through their conduct and dedication – and practicing our culture values in the process. All in their own unique way. more »

The color violet

We assign one color from the light spectrum to each issue of Prism. Learn more about the color concept and the current focus color: violet.
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Greetings welcome

“A very good morning to you!” – this friendly greeting makes for a good start to any day. Being respectful towards colleagues is part of a healthy corporate culture, although this notion is not new to OSRAM, as our treasure from the archive reveals. In 1986, the company went as far as creating a working group to address this matter. Its mission: rules for greeting others. What was a pilot project at the time now almost feels like satire. more »

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Cultural evolution

Corporate culture may be hard to grasp, but it’s always there. It shapes what we do and how we treat each other. What’s more, it is always evolving. more »

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Our Superheroes

Dr. Power, Braverine, Empoweress, Captain Curious and Metamorpho – these heroes embody our culture values in a fun and playful way. Their superpowers can of course be found in many of our employees, who drive their teams and OSRAM forward every day with great dedication. more »

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Superhero generator

Dr. Power and friends are available digitally. more »

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Team spirit is everything

For a club to survive for a long time, it takes more than sporting achievement. That we, the Kilsyth Curling Club, have been around for more than 300 years is above all due to our excellent club culture. more »

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Everyday heroes

Openness, Passion for Performance, Ability to Change, Risk-taking, Empowerment: Which of these culture values are we already living? And which ones should we  embrace more often? We asked around in the world of OSRAM and surveyed everyday heroes. more »

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Wanted: stories about heroes

Do you know any ­colleagues who impress you with their special dedication? Colleagues who practice our culture values in an ­inspiring way? If so, tell us! more »