Team spirit is everything

For a club to survive for a long time, it takes more than sporting achievement. That we, the Kilsyth Curling Club, have been around for more than 300 years is above all due to our excellent club culture.

Findlay Brown (66) worked as an engineer building roads and bridges up until his retirement. He sits on the board of the Kilsyth Curling Club, founded in 1716.

The secret of our success? Without a doubt our extraordinary team spirit. This is particularly evident when the pressure is on in our competitions. Not all players are in equally great shape for every game, but they always know they can rely on their teammates to do their best and provide the support necessary to get through the competition. This is also the reason why we are all so proud of our club.

We’re a small club, and with the time we’ve spent together, our 45 members feel closely connected. Some are already over 80 years old and still actively participate in our competition teams. We benefit from the big age differences among our athletes, because younger and older members not only get along well, but also complement each other. Teams are more balanced when they include different generations — and physical strength is paired with wisdom. Through the close bonds we cultivate, we have come to know each other very well, with all our strengths and weaknesses, and can truly rely on each other — this is what makes us so special as the world’s oldest curling club.

Findlay Brown