Our Superheroes

Dr. Power, Braverine, Empoweress, Captain Curious and Metamorpho – these heroes embody our culture values in a fun and playful way. Their superpowers can of course be found in many of our employees, who drive their teams and OSRAM forward every day with great dedication.

Passion for Performance

“Dr. Power” is the dynamo among our group of superheroes. He is determined and always willing to go the extra mile to win big victories for the team. To get there, he works hard and tirelessly. Giving up is not an option for him.


“Braverine” does not let anything put her off or make her feel ­uncertain. She acts courageously and boldly, takes calculated risks and feels at home outside her comfort zone – because that is where things get interesting.


“Empoweress” supports and encourages employees. She believes in their abilities, delegates tasks and provides support in her role as a mentor and coach. She always backs up her employees if anything goes wrong.


The curiosity of “Captain Curious” is unstoppable. He finds it unbelievably exciting to look beyond his own horizons, since he loves exploring new territory. He is innovative and is always willing to listen to others – and is open to new ideas.

Ability to Change

“Metamorpho” never lets anything get him down, not even in turbulent times. He reacts to changing conditions flexibly and confidently. He keeps several balls in the air at once and encourages others to give it a try too.


Time for compliments: Do you have colleagues who constantly impress you? If so, send them superhero hello. Dr. Power and friends are available digitally.